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I’m not funny anymore.

I haven’t been funny since 2013.  I think my funny got left behind.  I don’t know what happened, but all my blog posts are so boring now. They’re all about books and releases and books and OMG books.  I’m so sorry.

Remember that time a few minutes ago when I titled this blog post, “THIS IS THE FUNNIEST THING EVERRRRR!!!”?

I was actually lying.  Because it’s not the funniest thing ever. It’s not even funny.

I missed throwback Thursday, but I want to throwbback to some times when I used to be funny or at least interesting.  But it’s Saturday.  And since leaving my funny in 2013 is hopefully only a temporary setback,  let’s do “Setback Saturday.” Here are some old posts y’all might like, since I can’t think of new ones.

I think this post was funny. It’s from back…

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